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Tisser Artisan Videos

1. Project

a) WASEP : The ‘Women Artisans Skill Enhancement Project’ is a skill development programme for women belonging to marginal communities in Mumbai and Thane, Maharashtra. The Project is funded by Larsen & Toubro InfoTech and UNDP as knowledge strategic partner and project support by FUEL (FRIENDS Union for Energizing Lives) and is implemented by Tisser Artisans Trust (TAT): 

b) WASEP : Tisser initiated a women empowerment project in two clusters near Mumbai. Fist at a few padas inside Sanjay Gandhi National Park with tribal and second at Ganeshpuri In Bhiwandi Taluka , Plaghar District. The video captures the end to end development approach focused by Tisser. It include mobilising the women , identifying the art form they can pursue , training with designer on the art form , product diversification and marketing linkages. The initiative of Tisser was support to Tisser Trust by LTI , UNDP through FUEL. While Tisser is not always lucky to get this support. In all our others cluster with Artisans we work our way out for end to end cluster development for livelihood generation through our own funds and linkages

2. Cluster

a) Empowering Artisans for institutional development

b) Producer Groups : WASEP – Institutional Building : 

3. Producer : Production Video :

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