Empower Artisans, Preserve Heritage
We are FCRA registered non-profit trust dedicated to uplifting artisans across India, reviving traditional handicraft industries, and celebrating the country's rich cultural heritage.

Why Partner with Us ?

Support Cultural Preservation

We champion the survival of over 100+ art forms and 1,000+ handcrafted products, ensuring their legacy lives on.

Make a Social Impact

Your contribution empowers artisans, particularly women, through sustainable livelihoods and skill development.

Embrace Sustainability

 We promote eco-friendly practices and fair trade principles, aligning with UN SDGs for a responsible future.

Gain Positive Recognition

 Showcase your commitment to social responsibility and cultural sustainability.

How Your Contribution Makes a Difference ?

Skill development and market linkages

Tisser empowers artisans for success by combining traditional skill refinement with new techniques for superior products, fostering creative design and product diversification to adapt to market trends, equipping them with business fundamentals like pricing, marketing, and financial management, and instilling best practices for consistent quality and customer satisfaction.

Financial and digital literacy

Equip artisans with financial management skills for a secure future. Empower artisans to leverage technology for business growth. Bridge the digital divide and enhance their online presence. Equip them with essential skills for e-commerce and online marketing.

Circularity in plastic and fabric value chain

Tisser tackles plastic waste with a circular approach: recycling discarded plastics into beautiful products, using sustainable materials, and educating communities for a greener future.

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