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We at Tisser hold over eight years of experience in handmades, handicrafts and value chain, being vocal for local, women empowerment and entrepreneurship through our work.

With every weave of a thread and every stroke of our paint we aim to create handmade,  slow fashion products from our local artisans in an attempt to revive the rich arts and cultures of our nation and history.

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Tisser Outreach Program



In collaboration with organizations like LTI, Pidilite, Samhita and UNDP, we are able to fuel our growth upto its utmost potential, while continuously having a support system to back us.



Tisser has been promoting projects that uplift the artisans on the grassroot level, providing them with industry exposure alongside.


Case Study

Exploratory research, New ideas , Range of perspectives, Capture our case studies to gain a greater understanding of our artisans work.



Tisser has been a part of huge scale events like Pinkathon and Bombay Times Fashion Week to create awareness among others and give industry exposure to our artisans.

Impact of Tisser India

Tisser Artisan Trust is an entrepreneurial venture, functioning as a rural cluster of India. Restoring the dignity of work by skilling women in rural clusters and providing them job opportunities. The opportunities created aim at reviving the handicraft products inspired by rich cultural heritage of India, each art community across geography with its unique offering. Taking forth the women and art in long strides of empowerment and exposure.

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Diverse Range Of Handicrafts

Presenting to you a range of handcrafted products to relish upon and satisfy your soul while helping our artisans to sustain.


The art form of Madhubani—born out of the bare loving hands of Mithila women, is characterized by eye-catching geometrical patterns.


A tradition followed by one of the largest tribe of India—Warli Painting focuses on depicting the Mother Nature and its elements on clay huts and cave walls.


A technique of resist dyeing—Shibori can create some of the most unique patterns on fabric, majorly done in the colour indigo, red and purple.


Originated from Odisha and West Bengal Pattachitra literally translates to traditional cloth based scroll painting which is used to depict narratives and folktales.

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The artisans have come up with a variety of mask during these tough times. The snug fit and the hand-painted design makes it a comfortable and fashionable choice.

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Know Your Artisan

In our time since 2016, we have fueled the cultural roots with cluster development of the many rural communities of India. At the heart of this ecosystem made for rural livelihood and the changing urban lifestyle, lies several women, whose economic livelihood has found a new meaning.

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Unique Items

Handmade in India is an act of love and service. Most of our products are made with hand to heart with minimal to no intervention of machines.