About Us

Tisser aims to empower artisans across India by celebrating handmade crafts and fostering sustainable livelihoods. By supporting over 10,000 artisans through innovative business models and market linkages, Tisser enhances economic independence for women and preserves India’s rich cultural heritage. Our mission focuses on creating sustainable producer enterprises and strengthening the handmade value chain through innovation and consumer connection.

What We Do

At Tisser, we celebrate handmade, empower creators and connect consumers for sustainable growth of the sector

Empowering Artisans & Preserving Heritage

Tisser bridges the gap between ancient Indian crafts and modern consumers. We empower over 10,000 artisans, fostering sustainable livelihoods and women’s economic independence. Preserving India’s cultural heritage, we champion 100+ traditional art forms and 1,000+ handcrafted products. Through innovation and consumer connection, Tisser ensures the survival of these age-old traditions for a sustainable future.

Sustainable Empowerment for Artisans & Planet

Tisser champions sustainable livelihoods for artisans while protecting the environment. We integrate UN SDGs, prioritize recycled materials and ethical sourcing in textiles and plastics. Our commitment goes beyond buzzwords, with dedicated leadership and initiatives promoting a circular economy. Empowerment meets sustainability at Tisser.

Extensive Network

Tisser has a network spanning across India widely, impacting over

Rural Clusters


2019: Stitching - Tata center and Mavim Centre

2021: Revive Warli - Samhita Warli Project

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2019: Waste to wealth - Pet project Mandeshi Foundation and Mavim





Volunteer Program

Volunteer with us

Do you have a passion for Indian art & culture and want to gain enriching experience that adds real value to your journey ahead?

We are glad you found us!
Tisser seeks passionate volunteers to support our mission: social upliftment of artisans & revival of India’s handicraft industry.

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