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About Us

Derived from the French word ’tisser’, meaning ‘to weave’, Tisser is dedicated to empowering artisans across India by celebrating handmade crafts and connecting creators with consumers. Since its inception in 2015, Tisser has supported over 10,000 artisans through various producer groups, fostering sustainable growth and economic independence for women artisans.

Our Mission

At Tisser, our mission is to harness the power of handmade crafts to generate livelihoods sustainably. We aim to empower artisan clusters to create sustainable producer enterprises, strengthen the handmade value chain through innovation, and support the craft sector with transformative business models.

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Our Vision & Values

Our vision is to celebrate handmade products, empower creators, and connect consumers for the sustainable growth of the sector. Our core values include putting people first, maintaining high quality, and being environmentally conscious.

Our Values

A Journey Towards Empowerment

Handmade products are unique, each piece telling a story of cultural heritage and tradition passed down through generations. At Tisser, we believe in preserving these local art forms and encouraging artisans, particularly women, to build their livelihoods and achieve economic independence.

Our approach includes a comprehensive end to end value chain, regional hubs for outreach, design interventions, product diversification, consumer awareness, and tech innovations.

Sustainability and circular economy

At Tisser, sustainability isn’t just a buzzword—it’s the essence of our mission to empower artisans and preserve traditional crafts. Our commitment to sustainable development is aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), ensuring that every action we take contributes to a better world. Read More


Circularity in the Plastic Value Chain at Tisser

At Tisser, we are dedicated to fostering a circular economy within the plastic value chain to minimize environmental impact and promote sustainable practices. Read More

Circularity in the Textile Value Chain at Tisser

Tisser is a leading textile company that promotes a circular economy by focusing on sustainable sourcing and sustainable practices. They use organic and recycled fibers to minimize environmental impact and ensure ethical production.Read More

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Tisser's Commitment to Addressing Climate Change

Tisser is committed to addressing climate change and strengthening its climate initiatives through Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) principles. Read More

Tisser has been monitoring carbon emissions and sequestration in the past fiscal year, measuring the carbon dioxide equivalent saved by their bamboo products. They use a Life Cycle Assessment methodology to identify areas for improvement and implement emission reduction strategies. Their future roadmap focuses on transitioning to renewable energy, cutting waste, and educating consumers on sustainability. They collaborate with partners and invest in eco-friendly technologies to contribute to global climate change mitigation efforts.

Key Initiatives and Impact

Women Artisans Projects

Empowering 10,000 women artisans to become entrepreneurs and job creators by promoting rural clusters as engines of local economic transformation. This initiative spans across 10 states, involving product design, diversification, and market linkage.

Women Artisans Skill Enhancement Project (WASEP)

Focused on upskilling marginalized communities in Maharashtra through the revival of Warli painting, benefiting 2,500 women artisans.

Grassroots Regional Artisans Movement (GRAM)

In collaboration with HCL Foundation and other partners, GRAM promotes rural entrepreneurship in crafts, providing design, marketing support, and access to modern technology to local artisans.

Project Revive

Assisting artisans in recovering from the COVID19 crisis by providing returnable grants for raw materials and business sustenance, impacting over 1,750 women artisans across various clusters in Maharashtra

Digital and Financial Empowerment

Through initiatives like Project STREE and various tech interventions, we enhance digital literacy and provide tools for market access, transparency, and business management.

Recognition and Awards

Tisser’s impactful work has been recognized with numerous prestigious awards for its innovations in technology, startup excellence, and contributions to business and entrepreneurship. Our dedicated network of artisans, whose exceptional skills and craftsmanship are the backbone of our success, continues to receive accolades for their contributions to preserving and promoting traditional art forms.

M Billionth Award For Tech Innovations (2023)
The Nari Shakti Awards for Business and Entrepreneurship (2018)
RIDE22 Startup of the Year Award (2023)