You are currently viewing Indira Gandhi Memorial Award : Priyadarshini

Indira Gandhi Memorial Award : Priyadarshini

The Indira Gandhi Priyadarshini Awards is an award by the All India National Unity Conference to individuals for their outstanding services, achievements, and contributions to promote national Unity, Integration, brotherhood, and oneness.

We were honored to be awarded the esteemed Indira Gandhi Memorial Award. This is one of the most prominent awards in the country which lauds compassionate leadership that brings impact and inclusive growth of the citizens of the country.

This award recognizes those individuals who have excelled and made a positive and transformative difference in their respective fields of interest and work. Among the others who received the award were the International athlete Ms. Kavita Raut, the Woman editor of the Marathi daily Punyanagri Ms. Rahi Bhide, Ms. Juhi Chawla, Mr. Nawazuddin Siddique, Industrialist Megha Phansalkar and author Kavita Mahajan.

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