Artisan Story :

Meet Vidya Kathore

Name : Vidya Kathore (38 years) 

Vidya is a strong woman who has managed her house, her work and  her 2 childrens. She loves Warli paining and is working in tisser since  2 years. Her dream is to do something new and grow everyday in her  

life. Before working with tisser, she has worked 20 years as a tailor.  She has done Montessori course. She takes Warli Painting orders and  teaches others too. According to her, tisser is a foundation where  she has got a great support and got to learn so many things which  she never got to learn somewhere else. She got to work on new  things, experienced new way of teaching, attended few training  sessions. She inspired self- confidence inside her and got alot of  motivation to do something big in her life. She has a daily life quote  for her which is “ If you have art in your hands, use it and creative  new things, somewhere in the future it is going to be very useful for  you. So never consider art as a small thing”.