HCL Foundation (HCLF) was established in 2011 as the Corporate Social Responsibility arm of HCL Technologies in India. It is a value-driven, not-for-profit organization that thrives in contributing toward national and international development goals, impacting the lives of people and communities through long-term sustainable programs.

The Foundation aims to alleviate poverty and achieve inclusive growth and development through a lifecycle-based integrated community development approach, with a thematic focus on Education, Health, Livelihoods & Skilling,  Environment, and Disaster Risk Reduction & Response. Child protective strategies, inclusion, and gender transformative approaches remain central in all initiatives of the HCL Foundation, thus ensuring comprehensive development.

Thematic Area: Enterprise and Employment: Setting Supply Chain between Artisan producer groups and E-Hat

Proposed Location: Nagpur Hub and Spoke Model: Covering –Bamboo (Chandrapur ), Community stitching center (Nagpur) Khadi (Amrawati), and Nagpur Hub Office With the objective of strengthening the Handicraft Supply Chain and providing a greater say for the Artisans/ primary producers in the entire value chain, the ‘My E-Haat’ initiative is broadly categorized into Backward Integration and Forward Linkages.

While Forward linkage will be taken care of by HCL, backward linkages are critical to getting the right kind of product through a structured supply chain. The need of the hour is to work on the entire value chain, through the Enterprise Development Model for Creative Cluster.

There are four main aspects of this: end-to-end cluster development, raising awareness around artisan and social causes, design/diversification intervention, and digital-enabled interventions. The 3 identified clusters are based out of Nagpur in a hub and Spoke model. The most important aspect is productizing this art into utility products. Create responsible community artisan groups that can handle the supply chain and generate revenue in the cluster through livelihood interventions.


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