Centre for the Study of Social Change is a registered voluntary organization started in 1972 by intellectuals like Late Tarkateerth Lakshmanshastri Joshi, Late Prof. G.D. Parikh, Late Prof. A. B. Shah, Prof. N.V. Sovani, and  Shri. Govindrao S. Talwalkar. Its main aim is to undertake problem-oriented research on the socioeconomic problems of the country and to help the community to implement integrated programs for social change.​

CSSC believes that no strategy of economic development can hope to succeed unless it takes into account the social and cultural as well as the economic aspects of the developmental process. Such an approach would involve not only economists, sociologists, educationists, political scientists, psychologists and administrators, but also grass root level workers, each of whom would be aware that his/her contribution, though indispensable, is only one element in the total solution. There was thus a need for an organization with wider perspective, involving various specialists and workers.

Market Led Support

Designer support from a dedicated team.
• High end cataloging and marketing material designing and printing.
• Induction of products in Tisser marketing channels (online /offline) and institutional partnerships.
• Sales and marketing support with fixed orders on the products.
• Induction of products on web portal in varied online channels
• Photography support of all products – creative , interactive and simple for social media and joint brand creation

Key Steps:

Baseline / mobilizing Women from communities (initially from H/E Ward of MCGM)
• Skilling in Batches (Women/ SHGs)
• Setting the entrepreneurship center for tools and machines
• Product and Samples making
• Entrepreneurship skilling/ training
• Brand creation and marketing material
• Cataloging and Marketing
• Sales and orders
• Production and supply chain setting