Kala Ghoda Arts Festival


Kala Ghoda Arts festival is the most iconic arts and crafts festival that happens every year in the heart of Mumbai. With over 20 programs and market place that held open till the end of Feb, TisserIndia was honoured to be listed and exhibit.

In comparison to our past collaborations with Kala Ghoda Arts Festival, this was different being held digital. The opportunity to sell, engage, and take feedback of our products was all online.

While it was limiting to an extent, we used all forms to spread the world for our beautiful Warli products, and the variety we have to offer.

Announcing #KGAF

We announced the fest with a 2 minute IGTV video where our designer made a painting live.This was done for for a bigger reach. It was viewed by 165 people in the course of the week.

Posting Our Warli Products

We made a unique feature for Warli Products on our Instagram, in the brand colour of Kala Ghoda Arts Festival, Deep red. With each caption was attached the link to buy the product. This stood out in our page and also featured on the top of our page for easy access of people while the fest was ongoing.

#KGAF Feature

We featured on the #KGAF page with the assemble of products that we had to offer, inclusive of the link of the marketplace. This gave us many product enquiries.

Looking forward to #KGAF2022

While we could not do it all this year, we hope to gear up for next year which is going to be bigger and better.

1.Live workshops by our Tisser Artisans to the art enthusiasts.

2. Mentor session on how to make be vocal for local art and scale your small business by Megha Phansalkar and Tisser Team Heads.

3. A special exhibit of making Warli Art on pre-loved clothes.

4. A live showcase video of the exciting art forms and products done by Tisser Team.