Vibing with Warli Case Study


Vibing with Warli, as the name suggests is an assemble to celebrate Warli art form with our online community. Conducted in the January of 2021, a variety of posts from different category to seem Warli Art form approachable to all.

Following are the creatives of ‘Vibing with Warli’ used on Instagram and Newsletter.

Week #1

We kicked this online event by showcasing a variety of Warli products that Tisser India has to offer, some new some old. While some have been making since a long time like cushion covers, paintings, sarees and dupattas. Warli masks and Warli Fridge magnets were new from the lot and have a greater demand in market.

This showcase helped us show the spectrum of Warli products in consistent fashion. This also resulted in increased demand of two products in particular, Warli masks and Warli Fridge Magnets.

Week #2

The following week was focussed on the making of the Warli Art. Since people are often deceived by the simplicity of this art form, it was imperative to show the process.

In the capacity of three videos, first being IGTV a start to end Warli painting on canvas was shown. Second, a short video on making of Warli Dupattas.

And lastly, a store tour of Tisser at Palava city. The videos garnered much impressions in regard to our routine posts. 141 views, 464 views and 229 views respectively.

Week #3

In the last week of this online event, we decided to give back to our online community. So in a giveaway, we asked them to send entries of them wearing Tisser India.

The top three which featured on our page were sent up Warli Masks as a token of gratitude. They also reposted the story and posts on their page which helped us widen the post’s reach and number of saves it generated.

Impact Statement

Before the online event people did not have a concise idea of our Warli art form and on the scale which we do it. This has helped us making that impression with the consistency of posts in the month. Our practise needed
such effort to convert into sales. The main beneficiary of this project , as intended, will be the artisans.

Online Impact on Instagram
Suggestions from Warli Artisans on 'Vibing with Warli'
  • Online Workshops: Many artisans suggested that if instructed in a convenient fashion they would love to engage a community in Warli art.
  • Product Ideas: A variety of product ideas were suggested using Warli Art form by women who have have been a part of Tisser for over an year. For example, Warli clocks, Warli leather belts, Warli coconut dining etc.
  • Market Exhibitions: Artisans have a curiosity to not just work but engage with the users of the product by interacting with them. More open market exhibitions for such internations can be mapped out. It also equips the artisans professionally.