Meet Bhagayshree Akhade

Design is the way of life. Its all around you in all the things you see, thinks Bhagayshree Akhade.

In a family of three, this twenty-five year old coming from Aarey colony, she puts her aesthetic to the products she creates everyday, currently working on
Warli Fridge Magnets.

  • Before joining Tisser, she worked in a corporate lead initiative where she grasped on the skill of
    designing and making jewellery.
  • Not having a formal education post school those skills came to use when soon after she started to work
    with Tisser.
  • Her acumen for precise designing was put into Warli painting. Since the beginning she was savvy with
    the different techniques of painting on wood, cloth, clay etc. Since her start of the Tisser experience she
    has been proactive in teaching others the know-how to do it.
  • In her experience of working with Tisser for two years, she has been more involved with making of
    products as compared to the market operations and exposure.
  • With often providing tips of time optimisation and making harmony among women in communities, she
    is the most sincere of the lot.
  • With the income she generates of 2000-5000k from the orders that range as per the market demands
    and products, she makes a point to save for her kid’s education.
  • Putting her child to an English medium school is a badge of honour to the her and she works hard to
    ensure that he grows to be nourished and a well-rounded individual.
  • She dreams to diversify the activities of Tisser to be more approachable and accessible to more women
    in rural communities of India, so much so that women don’t earn enough to sustain but to provide for
  • She reaches closer to her ambition everyday when she contributes her time and effort, one product, one
    stroke of brush at a time