Meet Desna Dabhade



Coming from the Aarey Colony of Mumbai, Desna packs the punch for a team in one.

In 36 years of her happy existence, she pursued education, married a man, bore a beautiful daughter, taught children in middle school, and is now, helping her household as she contributes to Tisser as an artisan. She has been a part of Tisser for 2 years and worked on Warli Fridge Magnets, in her recent experience.

  • Before Desna joined Tisser, she taught at Mahatma Jyotiba Phule School. Taken by the erratic nature of students discontinuing their education, she realized the important role she has in cultivating curiosity.
  • While the birth of a child brought joy to the couple, it forced Desna to look for jobs that balanced her responsibilities
    at home too.
  • In such times, she learned of an opportunity of learning Warli painting, the word was out amongst the women of Aarey colony. Hours were flexible, distance was convenient, and catching the pulse, she went for her first session.
    The first session was soon compounded in years that followed with more Warli products, experiences, and
    opportunities to learn something of value.
  • In a hearty conversation, she revealed, “The best part of this job is to go to exhibitions and talk to new people about Warli products. New people. New experiences. New opportunities to find out people’s tastes, likes, and dislikes. it’s nice to meet people for whom we are creating”.
  • The orders range from 200 to 300 items per month depending on the type of product, demand in the market, and working capacity of the cluster. That awards her an income of Rs.1500-3000 per month.
  • What has changed in her experience of two years is a realization that even at this age she can pursue her interest in painting that she could not as a child. She enjoys the same while experimenting with design prints.
    In the future, she plans to work more in the sector of market operations so she can put those insights and inputs into her work.
  • She hopes for regular work throughout the year so she can’t just accompany the family finance but support it in the capacity of a partner.
  • Wanting to bring her daughter into a secure and scholarly life, she also realizes the importance of vocational training in school.