Artisan Story :

Rohini Narayan Pawar


Rohini Pawar is a 35 year old housewife. She has two daughters and both are  school going girls. She has been a housewife since her marriage and before  marriage also she had nothing to do. And that’s when a pottery workshop  bought her a box of happiness. Learning something new was always her wish  but she couldn’t fulfil it because of her responsibilities. She lost every hope and  thought that she is always going to live her life in 4 walls and that’s when this  workshop bought a light in her dark room of helplessness. She lives in a small  village named Karade in Maharashtra. She came to know about the workshop  through Satish Sir and took her training under trainer- Habul Paul. It was a one  month workshop in the year 2021. She has made Ganpati idols, Adivasi idols  and various other human structures.

Experience and Challenges:

Her learning experience at Tisserindia was an eye opening session for her as  she realised there is life beyond 4 walls. When she started with the training,  she was in great difficulty to manage her learning and household chores  simultaneously. It wasn’t an easy task for her to cope up with everything at a  time but eventually she developed a habit and started mastering the art of  management and didn’t let her hopes and dreams die. Being a housewife and a  mother of two daughters requires a lot of time at home but despite this she  went through all the difficult times like a warrior and gave herself a new life.

She learnt a new form of art which now excites her to a level that she is  planning to start something of her own. Her dreams got wings while she was  unaware that she could fly high with those hidden wings.

Future Plans:

After the training programme, she didn’t continue with her pottery but now  planning to start and give the shape of her dreams to those pots. Her family is  very supportive but she wishes to continue it from her home only as she also  wants to look after her daughters. She has now decided to never stop chasing  her dreams and keep moving forward like there is no end.