Artisan Story :

Snehal Arjun Patil


Snehal Arjun Patil is a 20 year old. She was a fashion student and has done her fashion course from Kaushalya Vikas Kendra that is situated in Thane and has always been curious about variety of designs in her life. She lives in Aangaon with her parents and her younger sibling. She came to know about Warli Workshop through some working ladies who were already associated with Tisserindia under a trainer named Puja Patil. Her mother is a housewife and her father is a cab driver. When she came to know about this workshop, she couldn’t keep calm as it was of her interest and she thought it was a great opportunity for her to grow. She attended the workshop for 21 days in the year 2020 and since then haven’t looked back. She has painted different products like patch work on plain cloth, frames, kurtis and has made designer masks. She is now ready to give a warli touch to every possible thing around her.

Experiences And Challenges:

Having come from a fashion field, the warli workshop was of great importance to her. She was enlightened to learn something really quick and a form of art that is so creative and ancient which makes her feel rooted to her values. “ This has been one of the most interesting workshop of my life as I have learnt something that is going to be the field I will be pursuing my upcoming career with.” Says Snehal. During the covid times, she used to feel extremely lonely and bad for being idle all the time and not supporting her family in those difficult times.
That’s when she saw a ray of hope having known about the workshop. Currently, she is associated with Tisserindia and still continues to make her artwork with us. She wishes to utilize the money earned through her creativity
in helping her parents adapt a better standard of living and procurement of raw materials required to make a warli painting. Initially, when she started the workshop she faced a little difficulty to paint minute details of the art form but later on overcame this with the help of her trainer and now aces the art form in every way. She works in the warli cluster near her everyday for 2-3 hours and feeds her creativity hunger. She, further in future too is planning to pursue her art desire in Warli painting only.

Future Plans:

Snehal wishes to continue making her warli artwork for the rest of her life as her family is her strongest support. They feel proud of the girl she has become as there is a sense of independency in her and she understands responsibility. She wants to never turn back in her life, and to keep going and bring out the creative side in her. If given a chance, she desires to teach other girls and women like her who are unaware of artist in them. She wants to make their livelihood better just like this workshop did for her. Snehal is working with Tisserindia currently and will continue to do so in her future.