Meet Tanvi Patel

Left with a box of paint and fabric, Tanvi Patel is the happiest person.

In an young age of 25, in a family of two, she lives with her husband in Aangaon Bhiwandi. Being a member of Tisser for more than a year, she identifies her growth with the women around her. Contributing at the moment, in making of Warli paintings and Warli Dupatta.

  • Before joining Tisser, Tanvi who used to take care of her household while she painted in her free time. She
    loves to paint.
  • She was on a look out for something engaging of her interest but the inability of corporate-lead skilling
    programme to turn into a working opportunity, she joined Tisser as soon as she learned about it from Kishore
  • In the span of two years, she has dabbled into painting different objects. Shoes, sustainable bags, planters,
    clothing and fridge magnets.
  • Her acute sense of precision and her aptitude in design came about while she painted delicate figures of Warli
    on products. She revealed, she would love to make intricate Warli paintings on big canvas for clients.
  • This opportunity has strengthened her passion for craft by not only skilling her but also providing a stable
    income to help the home finances.
  • Her favorite thing about her job is the spirit of togetherness, just like the Warli community. Women sitting
    together, putting their energies to work is a good and constructive pass time for their afternoon hours.
  • Despite her experience she is more comfortable working as a team member than a leader. She hopes to work
    on the same and learn to take lead in opportunities as they present themselves.
  • Depending on the range and frequency of orders she makes about 3000-4000 per month. She utilises a part
    of this money for home and a part for the investing on painting materials (which she could not afford before)
    to practise and make art at home.
  • Content and happy with the consistent work Tisser has brought, she suggested in order to upskill women,
    more opportunities like digital literacy and English speaking should be introduced