Raigad and Ratnagiri are famous for its clay / pottery work. Multiple groups of artisans , self helps groups of women work day and night for livelihood. Women has traditionally engaging in the making of clay products.



These clay product is mostly utility product such as pan, cooking pot, stoves and idols. Around 400 women are involved in the production in multiple village. Generations of family are involved in this activity.

Here they do not use moulds for even bulk order. Everything is handmade, maxing clay, making dough and finishing product, they does not possesses kiln also for baking but do it by fire bursting.

Opportunities : At Raigad, women do not make product other than their traditional design. There is an opportunity to introduce women of modern methods of pottery. There is an opportunity to connect women to various government schemes to get extended support from various other means. This will help them to get financial support and technical support to expand business, enhance product quality, diversification of products.

Challenges : At cluster, the clay used is local clay which can allow to make a specific range product. The nature and the quality of the product does not allows too make any innovative product such as candle stand, wall hanging, jewelry because the products are
utility products, they are tend to bake the product over the period of usage during cooking.

As much as food is cooked in clay utensils it get bake over the period. No modern methods are used to make products which results in the time consuming especially for bulk orders and huge bulk orders are note cater some times.

Cluster Progress |
Raigad - Clay Pot Making
Ratnagiri :

In Ratnagiri district, multiple SHG and women entrepreneurs have  small scale business .The Earthenware clay products that are currently produced are Clay Bottle, Clay Kettle, Clay Bowl, Clay Cup, Clay Plate, Clay Utensils, Clay Big/Small Bowl, Clay Glass, wall hanging, fridge magnets etc. This cluster is existing cluster which has well established market. The quality of clay and products is ensured. The Earthenware products are environment friendly and having great advantage for health.

Cluster Status :
  •  The SHG group has been formed and they intend to scale this cluster from 50 to 300 women. The cluster has basic facilities and few modern equipment but these equipment does not cater the market demand. At cluster there are equipment’s such jiggers, moulds, electric kiln, clay mixer, electric wheel, etc.
  • SHG women are already engaged in production. There are three different types of clay are used in the product: two locally available and one from Karnataka.
  • They are trained in mixing, product making, polishing, baking etc. women are getting livelihood on everyday basis.
  • Cluster has well established market linkages. The products or goods made are export
    to foreign countries such as Africa, Dubai etc. and parts of India.

Opportunities : Women working in cluster are part of the SHGs however; they do not have institutional set up as Producer Group (PG). Since women are trained in the process of making the product and engaged in end to end product development, they can easily get exposed to
be an entrepreneur.

  •  Training in product designing, modern day products, utility products with contemporary art form.
  • Support institutional set up and community facility center with equipment’s
  • Exposure visits to successful SHG women entrepreneur, various manufacturing units, Dealers, wholesaler etc.
  • Linking them with the various market opportunities,
    government schemes, loan opportunities, etc.

Challenges : Convincing women to become active SHG member and form Producer Group. Women at Ratnagiri has bad experience within SHG, even though there are part of the SHG, they are not active enough to become an
entrepreneur and avail benefits from MSRLM.

Product related challenge, Clay products are easy to break product. There is availability of storage but lack of measures to prevent breakage of the product which results in fall in to pieces especially in bulk orders hampers and cost.

Products :
Art Info
Artisan Story
Rohini Narayan Pawar

Rohini Pawar is a 35 year old housewife. She has two daughters and both are  school going girls. She has been a housewife since her marriage and before  marriage also she had nothing to do. And that’s when a pottery workshop  bought her a box of happiness. Learning something new was always her wish  but she couldn’t fulfil it because of her responsibilities. She lost every hope and  thought that she is always going to live her life in 4 walls and that’s when this  workshop bought a light in her dark room of helplessness. She lives in a small  village named Karade in Maharashtra. She came to know about the workshop  through Satish Sir and took her training under trainer- Habul Paul. It was a one  month workshop in the year 2021. She has made Ganpati idols, Adivasi idols  and various other human structures.

Experience and Challenges:

Her learning experience at Tisserindia was an eye opening session for her as  she realised there is life beyond 4 walls. When she started with the training,  she was in great difficulty to manage her learning and household chores  simultaneously. It wasn’t an easy task for her to cope up with everything at a  time but eventually she developed a habit and started mastering the art of  management and didn’t let her hopes and dreams die. Being a housewife and a  mother of two daughters requires a lot of time at home but despite this she  went through all the difficult times like a warrior and gave herself a new life.

She learnt a new form of art which now excites her to a level that she is  planning to start something of her own. Her dreams got wings while she was  unaware that she could fly high with those hidden wings.

Future Plans:

After the training programme, she didn’t continue with her pottery but now  planning to start and give the shape of her dreams to those pots. Her family is  very supportive but she wishes to continue it from her home only as she also  wants to look after her daughters. She has now decided to never stop chasing  her dreams and keep moving forward like there is no end.

Pradnya Parshuram Naghrut

Pradnya is an 52 years old resident of Karada. She is married and has 1 daughter. Her husband was an auto driver but because of leg injury, he stopped driving. Her daughter is married and she helps her financially. Pradnya is a very emotional and sensitive woman. 6 months back, when her daughter got married she couldn’t digest the fact that she has become alone and was hit by the thoughts of helpless and useless.

She is a part of Tisser’s Women Artisans Skill Enhancement Program since 4 months and has been all smiles since then. She attended 3 months of training under Satish sir and
became a master in pottery.

While learning at training, she mentioned at the end of each day they would talk about their work. She later started to find her work a lot more appealing. She has been really passionate about her work. She thinks anything you can image should be possible and you have to have a passion for pottery because there is a large amount of uncertainty,
especially in the beginning. It took confidence in her abilities to get through these times. Having experience with the creative process really made it easy for her to bring a change in her life. She was mentally frustrated inside and was struggling. To come out of this and become more strong, she decided to join this project and got results really very quick. She has made ganpati idols, adivasi idols, tabla, dholki and idols of people of ancient times. In the beginning, it was different for her to learn as everything was new for her. She had always been inside 4 walls and never got a chance to get out and experience something. She was very nervous but excited at the same time. It was difficult for her to draw experimental work but she managed to do with practice. Making a really successful piece is probably the most satisfying thing for her. Sometimes there will be a piece or two that turns out better than could have expected. This
makes her more happy inside and she gained confidence and inspiration to do something big in her life. Even at the age of 52, it doesn’t matter to her and her husband to learn or experience something. Her husband is really happy and supports her. He handles household sometimes. If you really want to achieve something in your life, you really need to work for it. Pradnya has set an example for all the women out there who consider age as their weakness. She wants to support such women and give them opportunity to work. She is going to continue working and wants to prove her age as her strength

She is a part of Tisser’s Women Artisans Skill Enhancement Program since 4 months and has been all smiles since then. She attended 3 months of training under Satish sir and became a master in pottery.

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