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Tisser Artisan Trust Embarks on a Pioneering DEIA Journey

Tisser Artisan Trust is thrilled to announce its selection as one of only 75 progressive Indian MSMEs chosen to participate in the groundbreaking DEIA Catalyst Program. This program signifies a crucial step towards fostering Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Accessibility (DEIA) within the MSME landscape, ultimately driving innovation and growth across participating organizations.

The Power of Diversity:

Extensive global research underscores the undeniable impact of diversity in the workplace. When teams embrace a multitude of perspectives, a transformative power is unleashed. Studies consistently reveal a strong correlation between a company’s DEIA maturity and its competitive edge, agility, innovation capacity, and overall brand perception.

The DEIA Catalyst Program: Equipping MSMEs for Success

The DEIA Catalyst Program stands as a pioneering initiative dedicated to equipping micro, small, and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs) in India with the tools and resources necessary to thrive in today’s dynamic business environment. This program recognizes the immense potential of DEIA practices to unlock a new era of success for Indian MSMEs.

Tisser's Commitment to DEIA:

Through a comprehensive program structure, the DEIA Catalyst Program offers a wealth of valuable resources. Participating organizations like Tisser will benefit from awareness sessions, in-person boot camps, dedicated support in developing DEIA policies, and participation in national dialogue forums. This multifaceted approach equips Tisser with the knowledge and tools needed to build a thriving and inclusive work environment – one that empowers its workforce, fosters creativity, and ultimately paves the way for sustainable growth.

Tisser Artisan Trust is deeply committed to fostering a diverse, equitable, and inclusive workplace. We believe that by embracing DEIA principles, we can not only empower our team members but also unlock a new wave of innovation that will propel our organization and the MSME sector as a whole towards a brighter future.