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Address: Murshid House, Opposite Sales Tax office, Mazgaon Rd, opposite Green Field's Restaurant, Ekta Nagar, Mazgaon, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400010
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Our Team

- Hard Work -

Our Team

We support environmental awareness, just business practices, and health, and our selections illustrate that.

Tisser India is tightly weaved with a bunch of creative individuals from diverse backgrounds, who bring their experiences and quirks to play. These individuals are clustered in teams, as per function.

-Advisory Board-

An Advisory  team which looks over the macro of our activities and mentors for the whole team to stay close to the vision and mission in all our pursuits.

Prof. G. G. Waghmare
Advisory Board Member (Art Forms)

“One should focus on their goals, not on obstacles to success in life”.

Prof. G. G. Waghmare having 34years of experience in Academia and Industry. He has been a Former Dean for 14years at Sir. J. J. Institute of Applied Art, Sir JJ School of Arts Campus, Mumbai, and also a Former Director for a year at Govt. Of Maharashtra.

Bhaskar Bhosle
Advisory Board Member (Business Development)

“Every problem is a gift — without problems we would not grow.”

My name is Bhaskar Bhosle. I am currently an Advisory Board member at Tisser Artisan Trust.

An exceptional 30+ years’ track record in a variety of leadership positions in India and UK:

A passionate and dynamic leader with a demonstrated track record of managing and up-scaling organisation’s profitability index to the next level, I am of the firm opinion that learning never ends and nothing is enough in life, a person is always a student and should be open to learn.Ex CEO at Minex Metallurgical Co Ltd with turn over of Rs 300 + Cr and team of 250 People
Started career in sales, cut my marketing teeth at Batliboi & Co, Carborundum Universal ( CUMI) and SKF Bearings and went on to become Marketing Head of Degussa India Ltd
Introduced HUB Unit of SKF India (new generation product) for first time in India at TATA Motors in late 90’s

Milind Dattawadkar
Advisory Board Member ( Information Technology)

                “Technology is best when it brings people together.”

My name is Milind Dattawadkar. I am currently an Advisory board member at Tisser Artisan Trust.I have a proven history of success in the computing industry spanning entrepreneurship, project management, architecture, software development and QA in wide variety of fields such as Blockchain, Software-as-a-Service, Mobile apps, Virtualization, Operating systems, Firmware and Networking. I am an innovative leader with passion for customers, track record of building teams that deliver high-quality software and win repeat business from customers ranging from startups to Fortune 500 companies. Interested in challenging opportunities.

Specialties: Entrepreneur, Customer focused, Marketing, Project management, Process improvement, Architecture, Software development and QA in the areas of Blockchain, Cloud, Mobile computing, Virtualization, High availability/Fault tolerant Systems, IOT, Firmware and Operating Systems.

Ganapathy. V
Advisory Board Member (Business Development)

“Don’t be afraid to give up the good to go for the great.”

My name is Ganapathy. V.  I am currently an Advisory Board member at Tisser Artisan Trust.

18+ years’ experience in Technology, IT, Security and ITES Sector. Also have successfully got into understanding with organizations like Mitsubishi and expanded the business in 40 countries globally. Successful tieup with strategic Media partners driving Brand valuation and media presence across the country and social media.

Strong analytical and leadership skills, coupled with practical approach to problem solving, enables me to communicate complex concepts to a variety of audiences, and to work effectively with different people, cultures and situations.

Narender Kumar
Advisory Board Member (Community Institutions)

“It’s hard to beat a person who never gives up.”

My name is Narender Kumar. I am currently an Advisory Board member at Tisser Artisan Trust.  I am an independent non-profit organization management professional currently working at World Bank Group. My roles include:  Enable and Support building sustainable community federations of SHGs promoted by various state rural livelihoods projects supported by Bank. I am very passionate about my work.

Anand Thakkar
Advisory Board Member (Business Development)

“Business opportunities are like buses, there’s always another one coming.” 

My name is Anand Thakkar. I am currently an Advisory Board member at Tisser Artisan Trust. Have been associated with print packaging industry since 25 years. wide experience in product development of greeting and wedding cards. Exports to major countries worldwide. Also undertaking challanging projects like launching products, change in management, takeovers, and Branding. Have written many articles like Catchy tag line for photo studio, Need Boys- N – Girls etc.

Kirti Mishra
Advisory Group
Kirti is the Cofounder and Director of Ecociate, a knowledge organisation having expertise and experience in sectors like Rural Enterprise, Sustainable Agriculture, Food and Nutrition. He has been associated with the development sector for more than 25 years. He is known for his contribution and expertise in building market led solutions to developmental and social challenges. He has supported a large number of organisations in Government, Social and Private sectors in India and the neighbouring countries..
-Core Management-

A core management team comprising of the founder and other highly professional committed team members  

Dr Megha Phansalkar

“I like work it fascinates me. I can sit and look at it for hours”

 Urban Regional Planner with an experience of 20 years in the development sector. I am Dr Megha Phansalkar who specializes in community led development in rural water supply, rural/ urban sanitation, and rural development with focus on livelihoods. I work with World Bank since 2007 in multiple water sanitation and Livelihood projects

I as an advisor with CUI (Centre for Urban Innovation) help the center pilot innovation and take them to scale to make the urban cities a better place to live.

My work experience with Non-Governmental Organizations, Government Departments and International Agencies brings a multi-dimensional, multi-stakeholder approach in working for partnerships and convergence to address developmental issues.

Nutan Kajbaje
Core Management (Design and Development)

“Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.”

A fashion and textile designer, and the winner of the “Lady Entrepreneur “award conferred upon her by Maharashtra Chamber of Commerce in the year 1996.

Experience in the industry amounts to thirty years and in academics for the last 10 years As a highly skilled fashion designing professional with a proven experience in building professional relationships, developing essential and successful designs as per market inclination. I got enormous experience in the fashion industry which is as follows

  • Designed and developed a range of shirts for Rio shirts for National Garment Fair.
  • Developed Patterns for international market with India’s senior and renowned Fashion Designer Pallavi Jaikishen’s Yogche international.
  • Have been appointed as Associate Director Global School of Business and as a head of Management School manage Marketing and Sales Strategies for the business, Recruited appropriate manpower for all the departments as HR, counseling Mentored Students, Coordinated for interdepartmental activity, managed department, administration, marketing and promotion activity.
Reva Nashine Pendse
Concept Designer and Business Development
It is so grateful to be surrounded by creative coworkers, I work with media, marketing, and product designing team. It includes conceptualization, designing, and branding  My indepth involvement from the conception stage ensures correct development and eventually faultless production through channeling the creative process. 
I assure the availability of the right market place leading the brand to opportunities.
#Buying handmade is a real thing. 
Ashlesha Shirodkar
Core Management (Products and Network)

“The growth and development of people is the highest calling of leadership”.

My name is Ashlesha Shirodkar. I am in the Core Management team at Tisser Artisan Trust.

Ideator & Communications Specialist. Versatile with a diverse experience ranging across industries and across functions.  Efficient, result oriented, and focused, has excellent interpersonal skills, can work effectively with people across geographies. Ability to identity and orchestrate resources based on requirements. Believes in creating compelling ideas that contribute to the brand and business both.

I am an Independent Consultant working on a diverse set of assignments ranging from brand communications to creating fun learning aids for children (k-8).  Previously I have been working for the following roles

  • Strategic Partner for communications across print and digital medium -Partner Nomsans
  • Sr Vice President and member of the leadership team – Quadrum Solutions Pvt ltd
-Cluster & Projects-

A Cluster Team includes coordinators  who provides as a link between Tisser’s vision and the regional coordinators of rural clusters. They chalk out activities, plan training sessions, assign responsibilities on the work site and ensure a smooth run with partners and artisans. They are the real providers when it comes to ensuring comfort to artisans to be able to participate and benefit.

Madhavi P. Maynil
Cluster Coordinator
I am a Post Graduate in Applied Chemistry (Textiles).
With a natural flair for engaging with people( community as a whole), I took up the opportunity to work with TISSER. Working on ground has given me a vast knowledge about the social sector. With an experience of about 4 years,I have witnessed the positive impact of the projects in the socio – economic and emotional lives of the rural women. This gives me immense pleasure and motivates me all the more to work towards the betterment of the rural masses.
Anand Subhash Waghmare
Institutional Development


I am Anand Subhash Waghmare, I have become MSW and I have almost 19 years of experience in the social field, I have been working as field coordinator in TISSER ARTISAN TRUST for the last 2 years Depending on the merits, guidance is given from time to time on raising the financial status of the family by providing guidance on eternal livelihood,  I have had the opportunity to share my past experience with women in self help groups through TISSER as well as other projects like Warli Kala Project REVIVE PROJECT, KVIC, DIC, PMEGY, SFURTI, Tribal Department, as well as various government schemes. And I am very thankful to TISSER ARTISAN TRUST for this. Thanks & RegardsAnand Waghmare


Manoj Yeole
Cluster Manager

“Coming together is a beginning, keeping together is progress, working together is success”.

My name is Manoj Yeole. I work as an Admin at Tisser Rural Handicraft Pvt Ltd. My major work is  monitoring the use of equipment and supplies within the office, Handling all the courier related work assigned, Timely submission of all the office documents/ applications at other offices, centers, Maintain office supply inventory, office services like handling outdoor office work, visiting the bank time to time for submitting relevant documents, cheques, drafts, deposit cash etc.

-Design & Products-

A design team which does the integral part of understanding the cultural background of an art form, translate into product designs in accordance with the market and communicate it to our artisans. With a mix of established architects and design graduates, they are credit to the craft and aesthetic of our products.

Pratiksha Jadhav
Lead Designer (Fabric)

“You don’t know the impact of your work, until you see a smile.”

My Name is Pratiksha Jadhav, The Textile Designer with Tisser. For any designer it is a dream come true to see their design come alive from concept to production. Here at Tisser, we do not just design products for the client but the entire system end to end. I make sure my designs are optimised for the artisans to learn and adopt smoothly, they can be manufactured without hassle and only the specimen of highest quality workmanship reach our clients. As a result, it’s not just the client who is happy but our entire team can bask in satisfaction of having achieved something special. As much as I practice unconventional & creative pursuits, i also build it around discipline so that the structure helps us to grow more & more without compromising on the finer aspects.

Asim Samad
Lead Designer (Wood)

“Opportunities don’t happen. You create them.” Thats what my moto is.

My name is M. Asim Shaikh. I am the Product Developer of Tisser. I develop products with my own creativity and skills and give the products a personal touch. I showcase my skills and talents by being dedicated and sincere in my work. i enjoy meeting new people and learning about their lives and backgrounds and  easily find common interests with strangers and tends to make most people feel comfortable. I deal in making customised products of various categories like Home decor, Home Furnishing  Corporate Gifting and Tableware Accessories

Radhika Thakur
Interior Designer

Hello! My name is Radhika Thakur and I work with Tisser in the capacity of an Interior Designer. Being a part of the Tisser team has provided me varied opportunities to work in the field of design. With my work I attempt to ensure that we fulfil our vision of #HarGharMeinBharat. With the evolving design landscape in India in recent years, we have found the need to go back to our roots and rediscover ourselves. This has provided us with an impetus to integrate the old and the new in order to create something beautiful. We create a combined experience of contemporary services and Traditional Indian artforms to deliver a unique design solution. Making traditional artforms accessible and helping you adorn your homes with exquisite designs is a part of my work at Tisser.

Prajakta karanjavkar
Support Designer

 “ If you as a designer don’t believe in your design and don’t see it beyond the context of the film, instead of as a real creature in a real world then how can you expect the audience to believe it”?


I am Prajakta karanjavkar working as designer in tisser..As a Textile designer this is not only job but study was based on the idea to promote creative and original textile designs by using source of inspiration. The purpose of the job was to create some original and innovative designs for textiles by using natural flok paintings.

-Operations & Admin -

An Operations  team,  looks over the meticulous task of managing funds in the long and short of it, from the pay of artisans to the funding from partners, investors, brands etc. Despite being in the challenging business of sustaining livelihoods for a young company, the details of sheets and the statements always tally to its T.

Sneha Shinde


I’m Sneha Shinde. I would like to introduce myself as an Accountant at Tisser Rural Handicraft Privat Limited. I’m handling all the accounts related work like making invoices, entering purchase and sales entries, payment to creditors, follow up with debtors, bank reconciliation, salaries to staff, Handling petty cash book, stock valuation, verifying documents and other finance related work.

Shirin Siddiqui
Team manager / Hr

“Change does not roll in on the wheels of inevitability, but comes through continuous struggle.” Is the motto for my Life.

My name is Shirin Siddiqui and as the quote depicts continuous struggle makes a person capable of success and hence is capable of leading a great team that’s what is my job title as a “Team Manager”. My work is to handle the team, make offer letters, record attendance, take monthly task sheets, make budget proposals, register for various startups, awards, collaboration.

Yash Pawar

 “Don’t stop until you’re proud”

My name is Yash Pawar. I extend my support to Tisser Artisan Trust by completing the following job responsibilities: Support Admin team for various tasks assigned; accordingly, Coordinate and support IT team with office related work and help in filling Artisan portals, online sheets and clicking photographs of Tisser products. My hobbies are as follows YouTube channel plus Gamming, Internet surfing, and Football / Swimming. I have the following qualities: Problem solving abilities for customer, Willingness to learn & Team support, Good Management Skills & Creative Thinking, Ability to handle Stress, and ability to co-ordinate with Sr. staff and subordinate.

-Regional Team-

A Regional Coordinators team, our first touch base with the artisans fill the gap between the needs of artisans and the vision of Tisser India. They are the best friends of our artisans, for they get the chance to interact most with them for fun or an addressal. While sharing laughs with the artisan team, they also document their stories of impact with pictures, videos, or by lending a compassionate ear.

Yakub Mohammad
Coordinator (West Region)

“Try not to become a man of success. Rather become a man of value.”

My name is Yakub Mohammed. I am currently working with Tisser as Regional Co-ordinator for North India, for Handicraft, Handwork, Traditional Handicraft promotion with Rural Women Artisan.

20 years working experience in Development Sector, the details as under

Worked in the field of Panchayati Raj System, Nrega, Pesa Act (Panchayt Extiontion of Schedule Area), Unorganized Sector and Street Vendors, Homebased workers, Traditional Artisan, Unskilled labour and employment generation programme. Worked in the field of Rural and Social Development as Project Co-ordinator & freelance researcher (in Government –Non-Government Organisation partnership project). The work assigned to me was for Field Implementation, Research and Survey, Impact Study, IEC Activity for Project, Data Collection and Data Analysis, Report and Documentation. Apart this participated in State & District level Training Programme on different issues. Also experience in the field of community mobilizing, training and capacity building and awareness generation programme

Sursesh Madan
Coordinator (East Region)

“They always say time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself”.

My name is Suresh Madan. I am currently in the Core Management Department as a Business Developer at Tisser Artisan Trust. My current experience includes Looking after West Bengal and North east area

I have a long experience of co ordinating artisans and participation in exhibitions.

-Marketing & Sales-

A Marketing & Sales team which finds and audience for our products. With a mix of online and offline strategies, word-of-mouth and curated campaigns, the marketing team swooshes its wand to scale the love and labour of our artisans.

Fatema Nalwala
Sales Supervisor

“Success is neither magical nor mysterious. It is natural consequence of consistency applying basics fundamentals”.

My name is Fatema Nalwala. I am currently working as a Sales Supervisor at Tisser Artisan. I have the following responsibilities at Tisser :

  • Recognize and reach out to clients in businesses by generating B2B sales with mobile and laptop at the unit and home as required; Contribute to team effort by accomplishing related results as needed.
  • Manage South Asia Portal and onboard artisans end to end on a daily basis.
  • Support Sales team in field with product details; Handle any other unit based activity as required.
Sharmila Kamat
Sales Representative

Sharmila much opposite to her name, the iron lady of pinkathon who along with Mr. Milind soman revolutionized the idea of pinkathon – an opportunity for women to come out of their cocoons and shine bright. A woman of substance who has dedicated her life for empowering women physically and mentally shares her profound pinkathon journey with us here. Her life revolves around her daughter, pinkathon, and all women whom she can make stronger and independent.

Vivek Singh
Website Manager

“Our knowledge is a little island in a great ocean of nonknowledge.” – Isaac Bashevis Singer

Hello to the person reading this, My name is Vivek Singh. I work as a Website Manager and Digital Marketer in Tisser. As a Website Manager, I Manage different websites of Tisser, designing editing and building UX/UI so that people visiting our website are comfortable navigating website, searching for their products without any glitches,  as a Digital Marketer I send bulk email to our subscriber of our website, of any newsletter, new launches or offers, Develop and manage digital marketing campaigns, Manage organization’s website, Optimize content for the website and social networking channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc., Track the website traffic flow and provide internal reports regularly, come up with different strategies for online advertising, running campaigns of Sem, SMM, etc and other digital works.

Bhakti Patel

There are three responses to a piece of design – yes, no, and WOW! Wow is the one to aim for.” 

My name is Bhakti Patel. I am a 21-year-old fashion student. I am a complete enthusiast when it comes to learning new things. I have always dreamed of being an entrepreneur and working with Tisser will absolutely be a step ahead with knowing what exactly goes behind a company. Apart from work, I like dancing, reading books, playing Ukulele and singing a little bit. I am also a freelance fashion stylist at home.