Collaborating with us for an artisan by a brand partnership can be a great way to support their cause while also adding unique and socially responsible elements to your brand.


Collaboration is a mutually beneficial partnership, ensuring fair compensation and respect for the artisans’ work. 


Collaborating with a designer can be an exciting opportunity to combine creative talent with social impact. Ensure that we share common goals and values.


Foster a collaborative environment where both can brainstorm ideas and concepts. 

Also, Explore innovative ways to merge design, functionality, and social impact.

Bulk Enquiry


Establish open and transparent communication with us by addressing any queries or concerns promptly.

Building a good working relationship will help streamline the ordering process and ensure a successful bulk purchase.

If you require any customization or personalized touches, clearly communicate your needs.

This may include adding custom engravings, branding, or incorporating specific design elements.


Reach out to us through our website, email, or phone to express your interest in making a bulk purchase.

Inquire about the products we offer, the quantities available, and any specific requirements or criteria for making a bulk purchase.

Remember, we have our own specific process so it’s important to communicate and collaborate closely to ensure a successful bulk purchase of artisan products.