2021: Revive Pottery - Samhita Pottery Project

Based out of Ratnagiri and Raigad districts, large scale women entrepreneurs and SHG (Self help groups) women members depend on clay and pottery work to sustain their livelihood. Access to capacity building and working capital support is required to expand the business. 

2021: Revive Warli - Samhita Warli Project

Samhita is a coming-of-the-age organization which does not believe in new normal but better normal with business responsibility and brand purpose.

In this collaboration Samhita came together with Tisser India to support the vulnerable

2020: Kosala - Hindalco project

The purpose of the project is to promote and develop Kosa silk related sericulture and weaving activities in the cluster to support and improve the livelihood of the Beneficiaries engaged in Kosa silk related activities, in some form or the other by creating

2019: Waste to wealth - Pet project Mandeshi Foundation and Mavim

Mahila Arthik Vikas Maha Madal (MAVIM) Project, in a collaborative effort with Tisser India, conducted skill development training programs in tailoring in the community stitching center in Nagpur, Maharashtra. It also developed market linkage opportunities for products produced by women artisans

2019: Stitching - Tata center and Mavim Centre

Tata Power Community Development Trust is key in uplifting the local community with skill intervention. Tisser India facilitated the same for fair trade and marketing and sale of products produced by women and farmers on the respective platforms.

2018: Grassroot Rural Artisan Movement (GRAM)​

Grassroot Rural Artisan Movement aimed at bringing the unutilized rural hands into the organized labour force of livelihood opportunities. This project was undertaken by Maharashtra State Innovation Society (MSIS) where Tisser India acted as a facilitation body for market linkages, capacity building, and production

2017: WASEP - UNDP Warli Project

The ‘Women Artisan Skill Enhancement Project’ serves the purpose of bringing the marginalized communities to Maharashtra to upskill via the revival of Warli painting. The project was funded by Larsen & Turbo Infotech and implemented by UNDP

2017: Save The Children Project

The Save The Children NGO came in collaboration with Tisser India to empower the women in Self-help groups for different market skills which are required to sustain their livelihood. Carried in the Bhandup district of Mumbai

2016 : Fabric toys - Pidilite project

In this project with Pidilite, we brought together the handloom and stitching units with the novelty of making fabric toys with the women artisans. Tisser India facilitated two workshops to teach fabric toys making to women artisans

Enterprise Development at CSSC

CSSC believes that no strategy of economic development can hope to succeed unless it takes into account the social and cultural as well as the economic aspects of the developmental process