Creative Crafts Collaboration

Creative Crafts

Tisser Approach: Creative Crafts Collaboration

A. Providing Handholding & end-to-end support through the value chain: As part of our commitment to supporting artisans and weavers, Tisser goes beyond just connecting them with customers. They provide handholding and end-to-end support throughout the value chain, ensuring that artisans receive comprehensive assistance at every step of the process. Read More

B. Strengthening the Decentralized Production Model: Tisser is dedicated to strengthening the decentralized production model as part of its mission to support artisans and weavers. They recognize the importance of local production and the positive impact it can have on communities and the overall economy. 

Here are some ways in which Tisser strengthens the decentralized production model:  Read More


C. Increasing Demand for Crafts & Strengthening Market Linkages: Tisser is committed to increasing the demand for crafts and strengthening market linkages for artisans and weavers. Recognizing the importance of market access for sustainable livelihoods, Tisser implements strategies to enhance the demand for handmade products and connect artisans with a wider customer base.

Here’s how they achieve this: Read More


D. Building a Multi-Stakeholder approach through partnerships & collaborations: Tisser adopts a multi-stakeholder approach by actively engaging in partnerships and collaborations to maximize its impact in supporting artisans and weavers across India. Recognizing the value of collective efforts, Tisser collaborates with various stakeholders to create a holistic ecosystem that addresses the diverse needs of the artisan community.

Here’s how Tisser builds a multi-stakeholder approach through partnerships and collaborations: Read More