About Tisser

About Tisser

Tisser in French means ‘to weave’. Tisser supports weavers and craftsmen who make products using traditional techniques, skills, and hand processes consisting of the core of Incredible India!

Tisser India started as a handicrafts and rural products wholesale and retail establishment located in Mumbai, Maharashtra in September 2016 as a Trust.

Tisser Artisan Trust plans to capture the interest of customers around the world with its wide range of handicrafts, clothing, and accessories produced by rural artisans. The company plans to build a strong market position by establishing a dedicated supply chain from rural artisans and building a strong network with contemporary designers and other stakeholders.

We work with rural artisans to bring them directly into the ladder of the supply chain market through design and marketing support. Visit our site: http://www.tisser.in
In the first year of our operation, we have partnered with around 10000 artisans from 12 different states of India. We have an inventory of about 300 products and the number is increasing.

The revenue for the first year of our operation has been 50 lakhs which have the potential to grow by 6 crores in coming years. Tisser has an operational office and dispatch unit with regular staff.

It has a core management team for business expansion and operations.

Tisser has developed an innovative mobile app, simple and easy to use which enables the remotest artisan to directly showcase its products to the bulk buyers. Tisser’s extended network of artisans has taken advantage of internet accessibility.

At Tisser B2B marketplace www.tisserindia.com we have integrated technology. Now our rural artisans and weaver can directly show their own handiwork, crafts, and hand-woven clothing.

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