Article published in Business Standard on 4th July 2023 about Dr. Megha Phansalkar

In the dynamic realm of business, a group of remarkable women entrepreneurs is fearlessly shaping the future with their visionary leadership and unwavering determination. The article published six inspiring women who are making a profound impact in various industries in 2023. From revolutionizing the beauty and jewelry sectors to empowering artisans and providing comprehensive wealth management solutions.

Dr. Megha Phansalkar 

Introducing Dr. Megha Phansalkar, a fearless entrepreneur shaping the future of business in the development sector for over 20 years.

As an Urban Regional Planner, she specializes in community-led development in water supply, sanitation, and livelihoods. Dr. Phansalkar founded the ‘Tisser Artisan Trust,’ empowering handicraft and handloom artisans across South Asia through a value chain approach.

She established AUREUS, dedicated to enhancing urban and regional environments. With extensive experience, she serves as Principal Advisor for Projects at WMRC, All India Institute for Local Self-Government, Mumbai, and Taru Leading Edge, Delhi.

Driven by her passion, she represented South Asia in the Steering Committee of WSSCC (Water Supply Sanitation Collaborative Council).

Dr. Megha Phansalkar fearlessly shapes the future of business in 2023, making a profound impact in the development sector with her expertise and dedication.

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